My Charles Dickens Ratings

20 May

Oh, Dickens…I am not a big fan of any of his books, but I tend to really like adaptations of the books. I just can’t get into his writing style. He is much too wordy- likes to write a few pages when a sentence would do just as well.


The Pickwick Papers– I’ve actually only read the book but I have a version on DVD that I plan to read. It actually was pretty funny once I got about halfway through but it took forever to read. 6/10

Bleak House

Book- I liked the parts narrated by the protagonist, Esther, because they were much more to the point. Unfortunately, half the book, with an omniscient narrator, still uses Dickens’ usual wordy style. 6/10

1985- Actually pretty good production values for an 80s miniseries. Keeps pretty true to the book’s characters, but makes John Jarndyce too angry, and cuts some side stories out. Very sentimental. 7/10

2005- Darker and grittier. Esther made more assertive. Too much time spent on Richard/Ada snogging. Copied some stuff from 1985 that was not in the book…Andrew Davies again, oops! Still loved it. 9/10

Little Dorrit

Book- I liked Arthur Clennam but found Amy just a bit too saintly. Confusing back story. 6/10

2008- Andrew Davies humanized Amy a little more, which I liked. He tweaked the back story a bit but I don’t know if it actually made it less confusing. Fanny and John Trivery standouts. 9/10

The Old Curiosity Shop- I’ve not yet read the book but I’ve heard it’s beyond cheesy.

2007– Don’t waste your time. It’s way too rushed and just not that good.

Our Mutual Friend- Haven’t read this one either.

1999- Very good. More interested in Bella and John’s story than the saintly Lizzie and jerky Eugene with a rat above his lips. More understated and quiet than BH or LD- not as dark or dirty. 8/10

A Tale of Two Cities

Book- This one actually wasn’t as bad once I got into it. Unfortunately it took quite a few pages to get into it. Liked Sydney Carton. Found Charles and Lucie almost insipid. 7/10

1989- Liked Lucie more than in the book. 8/10

That’s all I’ve read/seen of Dickens work, besides various adaptations of A Christmas Carol, most notably the Muppet version when I was in grade school. I’m in no hurry to read that one or watch other versions of it.

One Response to “My Charles Dickens Ratings”

  1. Dragos September 1, 2012 at 10:55 AM #

    What about Oliver Twist , David Copperfield ?

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