My Gaskell Ratings

20 May

Here’s another author!

Mary Barton- I found Mary to be an idiot and I think the idea was done better in North and South. 7/10


Book- Funny and heartbreaking. Characters die left and right. Really a series of vignettes. 7/10

2007– Well done how they combined the novel and some short stories to flesh it out. Contains many surprises as to the characters’ fates, many of which were changed from the book! 9/10

2009- The sequel. Much of the cast did not return. Borrowed from more short stories- running out of ideas? Not as good as first. 8/10

Ruth– Deeply moving story which surprisingly contains only one death. 9/10

North and South

Book- Contains shades of P&P. Good story but heroine can be annoying. 8/10

2004- Good but overrated! Did not like DDA as Margaret and HATED the beating scene in the beginning. 8/10

Sylvia’s Lovers- Well, it was different. Totally unlikable characters, miserable plot…6/10

Wives and Daughters

Book- Truly an everyday story! All the characters, their personalities and emotions, felt so real and current, despite the book’s age! Molly Gibson is adorable. 9/10

1999= You can tell Andrew Davies really respected this work as it was not really sexed up! 9/10

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