My George Eliot Ratings

20 May

I feel about Eliot much the way I feel about Dickens- don’t like the books, but love the adaptations. In Eliot’s case, she likes to go off onto philosophical tangents and writes in such a way that I cannot feel for her characters. While Andrew Davies is hit or miss with me, I find both of his Eliot miniseries to be hits!

Adam Bede

Book- Easiest to read for me. Only had one real storyline, rather than dual ones as in the two later cases. But I didn’t really like any of the characters except Adam, and even he could be a bit dim at times. 6/10

1991- Susannah Harker was beautiful and lovely and less annoying and “preachy” as Dinah than in the book. Hetty seemed more like a whore than a naive, selfish girl. Beware of sex scene. 7/10


Book- I liked the character-driven parts, but I felt there was a lot I would cut out. 7/10

1994- Great miniseries with excellent acting. Only negatives were Dorothea looking too old at times and Mary Garth with brown teeth and a working class accent. Felt even more for Lydgate than in the book. 8/10

Daniel Deronda

Book- Found Gwendolyn so insufferable and selfish that I almost didn’t care about her ill-treatment in marriage. Daniel Deronda and Mirah were too perfect. 6/10

2002- Gwendolyn was still selfish but more sympathetic. Well done all around. 9/10

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  1. secret53blog June 29, 2016 at 1:32 AM #

    I so so so AGREE WITH YOU

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