My Wilkie Collins Ratings

20 May

I quite like much of Wilkie Collins’ work, especially his later works and the “big 4.” Why they have not been adapted more is beyond me, since all the suspense and mystery should be great to see on screen!

Basil- I did not find it very memorable. I can’t even remember what happened at the end! 4/10

Hide and Seek- It was alright. I admit, the mystery actually did shock me. 5/10

The Dead Secret- The secret was pretty obvious from the beginning. Found the main characters boring. 5/10

The Woman in White

Book- Found the pretty, innocent Laura boring but Marian was much more admirable. Riveting mystery with deliciously evil villains. 8/10

1997- Okay but much weaker than the book. The supposedly ugly Marian played by beautiful Tara Fitzgerald. Sir Percival’s back story is changed because he apparently wasn’t bad enough. The Count is made from fat and interesting to trim and boring. 6/10

No Name- The heroine could be annoying but I loved how unconventional she was. 8/10

Armadale- One of the Armadales and his love are dull but the other and the female villain are anything but! 8/10

The Moonstone

Book- I was shocked at who the thief was! Well, more in the way the theft took place. 9/10

1996- Much better than The Woman in White one. Loved Greg Wise. Condensed a lot but I still liked it. 8/10

Man and Wife- Tackles the subject of premarital pregnancy and illegitimacy and has a real surprise ending- very unconventional for an unwed mother! Still, I found the “hero and heroine” if they even are that, to be insipid. 7/10

The Law and the Lady- Heroine could be called a female detective! I love how Collins does not give his female characters conventional Victorian roles. One thing that was annoying was her always droning on about how much she loved her husband when there really was nothing special about him. 8/10

I have read a few other shorter stories/novellas but I can barely remember them so I guess I didn’t like them that much.

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