Other book and movie ratings

20 May

Here are some ratings of other classic books I have read and their adaptations.

R.D. Blackmore

Lorna Doone

Book- 700 pages of the hero droning on and on about how perfect Lorna is in every way. Yeah, there was some action in there some where but I missed it amongst all the “beautiful Lorna Doone” drivel. 4/10

2000- Much better than the book! All the action and fighting is brought out and all the lovely Lorna crap is toned down. 8/10

Frances Hodgson Burnett

Both A Little Princess and The Secret Garden are beloved childhood favorites that I still love. I highly recommend the movie versions of these, especially the 1993 SG and 1995 ALP, even though the latter changed a lot from the book. I don’t care. Watch ’em, read ’em, good for all ages.

E. M. Forster

A Room with a View-

Book- I was so pleasantly surprised at how deeply this book moved me because I was expecting just a light, fluffy romance. 9/10

1985- This one really is just a light fluffy romance. It was good enough, but I felt it focused only on the superficial aspects of the story. Cecil was nothing more than a caricature. Helena Bonham Carter delivered all her lines woodenly. Well, it was enjoyable enough but a disappointment because I expected more. 7/10

2007- Whoa, this one seemed to be trying way too hard to be different. Polar opposite of 1985 movie! Too depressing and somber. Ending bizarre. Cecil actually too appealing. Good acting and some scenes very well done but overall another disappointment. 5/10

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