Georgette Heyer Update!

8 Nov

I can never go too long without reading another Georgette Heyer book. I still have a lot to go, but unfortunately they will run out eventually. I know I can always reread, but even so, I’ve been trying to space them out a bit.

Venetia- I’ll have to be honest and say it took me a long time to get into this book. I had read about the first two chapters before I got stuck. Admittedly, this was partly because of personal reasons and I also lost the book at one point. Yet it was true that I was not hooked from the start. But a few weeks ago, after finding it again I gave it another go. I was not disappointed! I’m usually not a fan of the “reformed rake” cliche yet this book didn’t quite follow that pattern. I found Venetia and Damarel’s love story to be very natural (and a bit sensual at parts!) and after all, Venetia did not even try to reform Damarel. She fell in love with him, knew he loved her as well, and thought she would have a much more exciting life as his wife. I like to think that Damarel was faithful to her all the same, as his past reckless behavior really all stemmed from a broken heart. 9/10

Why Shoot a Butler- Found this her dullest mystery of the few I’ve read. It was one of her earliest, so I guess she just hadn’t hit her stride yet. 6/10

A Blunt Instrument- I was able to guess the murderer from the start and I spent the rest of the book hoping I was wrong. Should I be proud of myself or disappointed because it was too obvious? I still enjoyed the book, but the mystery wasn’t really a mystery to me. The characters of Neville Fletcher and Sally Drew were amusing but I actually enjoyed Sergeant Hemingway and his slight bitterness the most. I’ve read enough of Heyer’s detective novels now to where I know there is a romance in each of them so it doesn’t surprise me anymore. This one did feel a bit tacked on, but still cute nonetheless. 7/10

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