Agatha Christie book reviews

30 Nov

I’ve seen bits of a TV version of Murder on the Orient Express in the past but for some reason have never picked up an Agatha Christie book. I guess it’s all thanks to Georgette Heyer that I did. I went from Heyer’s mysteries to Dorothy L. Sayers, and after enjoying those so much, I finally decided to read Agatha Christie. I chose a variety of novels since there are so many. And boy, these books did not disappoint!

The Man in the Brown Suit-

This was the first I read because it featured a young female doing the sleuthing. I’m familiar with Poirot and Miss Marple, who are both pretty old so I thought this would be interesting. And it certainly was. Anne Bedingfield is desperate for adventure and romance and is happy to find it in the form of a mystery. She goes all the way to South Africa to solve the murder. I liked the book because of Anne but it wasn’t my favorite of the bunch. 8/10

And Then There Were None-

This one really left me in awe! There was really no character you could trust in this book. Some were more sympathetic than others but they all have committed terrible acts. It kept me on the edge of my seat, reading through the night desperate to find out who the killer was. I was afraid near the end that I would never find out! This is the ultimate mystery- you must read!! 10/10

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd-

Only one thing spoiled this book for me- I was inadvertently spoiled about the murderer’s identity beforehand. True, I never found out the name directly but after reading all the praise for the “shocking twist ending” and all that I was able to guess. Accordingly, I picked out all the clues as I read so there was no shock whatsoever. Still, Agatha Christie’s genius was clear and the book was brilliant. If only I hadn’t read anything about it! 9/10

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