Dorothy L. Sayers Reviews

30 Nov

I’ve been a Georgette Heyer fan for a while now and while I have enjoyed her detective novels, they left me wanting a bit more. I decided to expand my horizons and give some other authors a try. Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers are both hugely popular, yet I haven’t read anything of theirs until very recently. Now I’m kicking myself for waiting so long!

I picked up the only two Sayers books they had at my closest Borders- Whose Body and Strong Poison. I didn’t know they were both part of a series featuring PI Lord Peter Wimsey! I actually read Strong Poison first, even though Whose Body is the first in the series. Oopsies! It didn’t ruin anything for me though.

Whose Body-

The case was interesting enough but the characters really made me love this book. This book introduces Lord Peter Wimsey, younger brother of a duke and a sort of eccentric genius- he’s rich and only solves cases for fun. I also love Inspector Charles Parker, Lord Peter’s best friend and connection to Scotland Yard- he jokes he’s Watson to Lord Peter’s Sherlock. And his butler, Bunter, is also quite capable in helping solve the mysteries. 8/10

Strong Poison-

Another delightful read. Unfortunately, my dear Lord Peter didn’t have as much page time in this one, arranging for others to carry out most of the investigative work. But that didn’t hamper my enjoyment one bit! I found the case itself just a bit more interesting in this one and I loved Harriet Vane and her reaction to Lord Peter’s proposal. I can’t wait to read more books featuring her. I found it quite interesting when I googled Dorothy L. Sayers and noticed all the similarities between her and Harriet- Oxford-educated, mystery writer, persuaded to live with a lover against their wishes to test their devotion. Even though Harriet couldn’t do much in this book (being in jail and all), I have a feeling she’ll be quite useful at solving mysteries herself. Can’t wait to read more!! 9/10

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