Agatha Christie Reviews

18 Dec

Agatha Christie is my new addiction! I’ve been gobbling up one book after the other. Unfortunately, my selection is rather random at the moment but I hope to read the Poirot and Marple series in order.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles-

This was Christie’s first novel and most closely follows the stereotypical “cozy mystery” pattern- murder in a country manor full of people who could have done it. But it was done very, very well. I was utterly shocked at the reveal of the murderer. Just one thing bugged me, or rather two things- Poirot and Hastings. I found Poirot almost insufferable and Hastings was just an idiot. I laughed so hard at his statement to the family in the beginning that he had “progressed further” in his detection methods than his mentor. Bwahahahaha! 9/10

The Mysterious Mr. Quin-

This was a series of short stories featuring a somewhat supernatural figure, Mr. Harley Quin, and his friend Mr. Satterthwaite. Mr. Quin always seems to pop up when a mystery needs to be solved, and by asking the right questions and pointing out things others have missed, he helps Mr. Satterthwaite or the others deduce what happened. This was probably my least favorite Christie book so far. It wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t fond of the short story format. Some were better than others, but I just felt like as soon as I started to get invested in a story, it was over. 7/10

Murder is Easy-

I found this one also just a tad bit disappointing. It seemed promising in the beginning- serial killer in a small village, outsider going in to investigate, etc. But the detective, Luke Fitzwilliam, was really a dull character and not that great at his chosen task- he didn’t even solve the crime! He didn’t even figure out the red herring, which I did early on. I also guessed the murderer’s identity, but I wasn’t entirely sure as to motive. I also found the romance to be forced and I just don’t think it’s a good sign if I’m a better detective than the one in the story. 8/10

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