Agatha Christie Again

28 Dec

Now that I’ve passed my book goal for the year, I really need to rewatch the Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma so I can write my review. But I keep finding other things to watch instead. I will get around to it, really!

The last batch of Agatha Christie books I read turned out to be quite hit or miss.

The Witness for the Prosecution- A collection of short stories which I liked much better than any of the Mr. Quin ones. My favorites were the title story, “S.O.S.” and “The Red Signal.” I thought the mystery in “Wireless” was really too obvious and overall I still like her full-length novels better, but overall it was quite enjoyable. 8/10

Passenger to Frankfurt- This was really different, and I must say- I thought it was awful! It was a spy novel basically about how evil the world was becoming in the modern age. There was other stuff too but it was so boring and tedious that I don’t remember the details. Christie was 80 at the time so I guess I can excuse her this one bad novel. Hopefully there are no more like this. 2/10

The Murder on the Links- This was the second Poirot novel and while it was good, I preferred the first, Styles. The twists and turns definitely had my attention but I felt like Christie just tried to shove in too many ideas. It really included everything but the kitchen sink. I liked what she did with Hastings. I thought he was really a dolt, but a good person. 8/10

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