Jane Austen Adaptation Actor Awards- Sense and Sensibility

16 Jan

I recently got a copy of Aisha, a loose Bollywood adaptation of Emma. While I’m debating whether or not to review that and/or Clueless, I thought I’d kill some time by comparing actors in the Jane Austen adaptations I’ve reviewed so far, purely for my own amusement. So, without further delay, here are my favorite versions of all the characters in Sense and Sensibility.

Elinor Dashwood: BEST: 2008, WORST: 1995

Marianne Dashwood: BEST: 1981, WORST: 1971

Edward Ferrars: BEST: 2008, WORST: 1995

Colonel Brandon: BEST: 2008, WORST: 1971

John Willoughby: BEST: 1995, WORST: 2008

Mrs. Dashwood: BEST: 1971, WORST: 1981

Margaret Dashwood: BEST: 1995, WORST: 1971 and 1981

Fanny Dashwood: BEST: 1995, WORST: 1971

John Dashwood: BEST: 2008, WORST:1971

Mrs. Ferrars: BEST: 2008, WORST: 1995

Robert Ferrars: BEST: 1995, WORST: 1981

Mrs. Jennings: BEST: 1971, WORST: 2008

Sir John Middleton: BEST: 2008, WORST: 1995

Lucy Steele: BEST: 1981, WORST: 1971

Anne Steele: BEST: 2008, WORST: 1995

Mr. Palmer: BEST: 1995, WORST: 1981

Charlotte Palmer: BEST: 1981, WORST: 1995


1971: BEST: 2, WORST: 6

1981: BEST: 3, WORST: 4

1995: BEST: 5, WORST: 6

2008: BEST: 7, WORST: 2

So, according to these tallies, 2008, my favorite version, comes out on top! I kind of cheated by putting in “worst” for a character if he or she was cut. I’ve got some time to kill, so I think I’m going to do more tonight.

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