More Mysteries (Agatha Christie)

19 Jan

Let’s take a break from all the Emma stuff and get back to some books. I’ve been trying to space out reading Agatha Christie but her books really are addicting. I’m getting better at trying to guess the murderer and sometimes I get some stuff right, but mostly her twists end up being a surprise.

Poirot Investigates- It’s a series of short stories featuring Poirot and Hastings, so it must be set before The Murder on the Links, seeing as Christie shipped the latter off to Argentina in that one. I liked a couple of the stories, like “The Hunter’s Lodge” and “The Chocolate Box” but this one isn’t all that high on my list. Poirot as a character gets on my nerves a little bit (I can see why Christie apparently hated him) and I’m not really that fond of Hastings either. I think she made the right move in getting rid of him. 7/10

The Thirteen Problems- This is another set of short stories, this time featuring Miss Marple, an old spinster who no one pays attention to but always solves the mystery. A group of friends decides to form the Tuesday Night Club, and meet to tell of mysterious stories they’ve heard about and see who can guess who the culprit was. Everyone ignores Miss Marple at the beginning but, of course, she figures everything out and then they start to notice her. Even living in a small village, she’s really gotten to know human nature. She knows EVERYTHING! Just by listening to the facts, she figures out whodunnit. In one of the Poirot stories, they made a huge deal of him solving a case like this one time. Miss Marple beats Poirot any day! 9/10

The Secret Adversary- Christie’s second novel, and the first to feature husband and wife sleuthing team, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford. But this was before they were married. They’re young and poor after the end of the war and longing for adventure. They decide to become adventurers and are soon involved in a missing person’s case. The girl had some secret papers that the government wants to suppress now that the war is over. It was a fun book, and I liked Tommy and Tuppence, but I find it hard to believe that the government would hire them with no experience or references or anything. It takes some suspension of disbelief, but it was amusing. 8/10

The Secret of Chimneys- This was a mix of international spy stuff and the classic country house murder. I tried so hard to guess the killer and while I didn’t quite get it, I was on the right track! This was entertaining, but I’m more drawn to the country house murder side than the political stuff. 8/10

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