Georgette Heyer- The Convenient Marriage, April Lady, The Talisman Ring

2 Feb

The Convenient Marriage- This book looked like it was going to be charming in the first couple of chapters. Lord Rule and Horry’s meeting was a really humorous and delightful scene. Unfortunately, once it got underway, I quickly lost interest. Horry’s stammer was really annoying to read and I found her naivete and stupidity astounding! This was my first Heyer that followed a married couple and needless to say it didn’t leave a very good impression. 6/10

April Lady- What a choice to follow up with! This was very similar to The Convenient Marriage- a married couple love each other but each think the other doesn’t because of a misunderstanding. Add to that an annoying girl (Letty) and a well-meaning but good for nothing brother character and you get April Lady. Sheesh, why couldn’t Nell and Cardross, or Horry and Rule, just talk out their problems? I know there would be no book if that happened but I wasn’t a big fan of either book so there would be no complaints from me there. Other characters repeatedly tell Nell in this one that her husband loves her and that she should just tell him the truth. I don’t think anyone reassured Horry like that (but I don’t remember) so that makes Nell even stupider. Not to mention that they’ve already been married nearly a year! How dense are these girls? I like her stories that feature more intelligent heroines. 6/10

The Talisman Ring- This one was MUCH better. It’s set pre-Regency and combines mystery/adventure with romance. It’s hilariously funny and almost even a spoof of the genre. I thought I would find Ludovic and Eustacie, the secondary couple, annoying, but they actually made me laugh! I simply adored Sir Tristram and Sarah was really a dear. She was craving adventure and excitement but underneath she was still sensible. I loved the story, I loved the humor, I loved the characters…this probably goes into my top favorite Heyer books! 10/10

One Response to “Georgette Heyer- The Convenient Marriage, April Lady, The Talisman Ring”

  1. Julie February 23, 2011 at 7:01 AM #

    I’m not fond of Convenient Marriage either. I much prefer A Civil Contract. No, it’s not a passionate love story, but I still like it very much.

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