Persuasion Book Thoughts

2 Apr

Sorry I’ve taken so long to get to this! I’ve just been so busy working extra to be able to go on vacation. Now I’m back and I want to finish my Jane Austen reviews by this week. Then I’m going to move on to other stuff.

What is my favorite Jane Austen book? Not that I don’t love them all but that honor would have to go to Persuasion. It’s more mature in tone than her other works, featuring an older heroine. Anne Elliot is 27 and has lost her bloom after being persuaded to break off her engagement to Frederick Wentworth 8 years previously. I love Anne Elliot and it’s a tough call to choose between her and Elinor Dashwood for a favorite heroine.

Unlike some of Austen’s other books, my opinion on this one hasn’t really changed at all over the years. I’ve loved it from the first time I read it and my love has only grown with each rereading. I had the impression before reading it that it would be more on the depressing side, like Mansfield Park, but it’s really not. It has the usual cast of satirical, amusing side characters, like the vane Sir Walter and snobby Elizabeth, the hypochondriac Mary, etc. I feel like it’s the most romantic of Austen’s works as well. You can feel the tension of the unspoken feelings between Anne and Wentworth throughout the whole book until it all comes out in Wentworth’s beautiful letter. It makes me swoon every time!

The only complaint I really have for this book is that it’s so short and a bit truncated. I believe Austen’s failing health made her rush things a little bit and cut out some originally planned material. IIRC, she had intended to include some more about Mr. Elliot and Mrs. Clay, but I’m okay with how it ended up.

My Rating: 10/10.

2 Responses to “Persuasion Book Thoughts”

  1. Julie April 6, 2011 at 6:31 AM #

    I somehow manage to love Persuasion more each time I read it.

    • marspeach April 6, 2011 at 9:09 AM #

      I have nothing but love for this book! I think I like how everything starts out hopeless for Anne. It’s like she’s doomed to be a spinster, but then Wentworth comes back and although things aren’t looking good for the two of them, she comes into her own and others, like Mr. Elliot become interested in her too.

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