Persuasion Adaptation Awards

15 Apr

It’s that time again! I can’t believe I’ve gone through all the books!

Anne Elliot: BEST- 1995 WORST-2007

Frederick Wentworth: BEST- 1995 WORST-2007

Sir Walter Elliot: BEST- 1995 WORST-1971

Elizabeth Elliot: BEST- 1971 WORST- 1995

William Elliot: BEST- 2007, WORST- 1971

Lady Russell: BEST- 1995, WORST- 1971

Mr. Musgrove: BEST- 1995, WORST-1971

Mrs. Musgrove: BEST- 1995, WORST-1971

Charles Musgrove: BEST-1995, WORST-2007

Mary Musgrove: BEST-1995, WORST-2007

Henrietta Musgrove: BEST-1995, WORST-2007

Louisa Musgrove: BEST-1995, WORST-1971

Mrs. Clay: BEST-1995, WORST-2007

Captain Harville: BEST- 1995, WORST- 2007

James Benwick: BEST-2007, WORST-1971

Admiral Croft: BEST-1995, WORST-1971

Sophy Croft: BEST-1995, WORST-2007

Mrs. Smith: BEST-1971, WORST-2007


1971: BEST-2, WORST-8

1995: BEST-14, WORST-1

2007: BEST-2, WORST-9

Yay, my favorite, 1995, wins by a landslide. The other two are pretty closely tied behind. I didn’t include Mr. Shepherd, Mrs. Rooke, or Charles Hayter, because their roles are so small even in the book. And I actually liked the actor for Harville in 2007, but I didn’t like what they did with his character (got rid of his wife and made him privy to all Wentworth’s secrets).

So all my Jane Austen reviews are over! Until a new version comes out! Given how everyone likes to adapt the same books over and over, it probably won’t be long. I know there is the Modern P&P coming out (and I’ve still never seen the Mormon version) but I’m not sure if I’m interested in that because it’s a low budget production. We’ll see. Next I’m probably going to move onto the Brontes- 7 books by 3 authors, yet the great majority of the adaptations are only of two of those. You know which ones I’m talking about- Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights of course. I’m a fan of all the Brontes but my true love is Jane Austen so I’m a little sad that I’m done with those!

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