Latest Georgette Heyer- The Toll Gate, Friday’s Child, A Civil Contract

7 May

The latest Georgette Heyer books I’ve read have thankfully all been good!

The Toll Gate- This one follows retired Captain John “Jack” Staple as he leaves a boring family party and stumbles upon a mystery- a boy running a toll gate by himself because his father is missing. He can’t leave things as they are and decides to stay and man the gate. He falls in love with Nell Stornaway, granddaughter of the impoverished local squire- whose family is involved in the mystery. I loved this one! It’s one of Heyer’s few Regency romance/mystery combinations and they’ve all been winners for me. I loved Jack and Nell, along with the side characters. My rating: 10/10

Friday’s Child-
Anthony Verelst, Viscount Sheringham (“Sherry”) is annoyed that he will not have control of his inheritance until he turns 25, unless he gets married. He says he will marry the next girl he sees, who happens to be his childhood friend, Hero (“Kitten”). Hero is actually in love with Sherry but he doesn’t know this and the two get married. Wacky hijinks ensue. After The Convenient Marriage and April Lady, my expectations for this were VERY low. But I actually highly enjoyed it! The couple were both young and immature with this one, and so I found their issues and misunderstandings more believable. I adored Sherry and Hero as well as the side characters. It had both lighthearted, funny moments, as well as touching scenes. My Rating- 9/10

A Civil Contract- Another marriage of convenience! This is the last one, as far as I know. Adam, Viscount Lynton, marries Jenny Chawleigh, daughter of a very wealthy but vulgar merchant. He is unable to marry his love, Julia, and would have had to sell his beloved estate, Fontley. Adam doesn’t remember meeting Jenny, a school friend of Julia’s, who is actually in love with him. This story actually takes us through a year of their marriage. It’s much more serious in tone and I actually found it a bit depressing. Adam is a nice guy and is always a gentleman to his wife, even though he finds her unattractive and does not love her. It does have a happy ending, like all  Heyer novels but it made me feel down at times.                     My rating: 8/10

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