Agatha Christie

28 Jun

I feel like I need to write reviews of more of the books I’ve been reading. I do read an awful lot. My goal is 111 books this year (for 2011) and I want to accomplish as many as I can by fall, when I’m going back to school. (Blech, by the way).

I have become absolutely addicted to Agatha Christie. Her books are so short so I can finish one in a matter of hours. I realized I haven’t kept up to date since January! I’m on a mission to read them all and I’ve read so many more since then! So I’m going to try to update my quick thoughts on a few at a time, for any mystery lovers out there. I always try to guess the killer, so I’m going to include my successes and/or failures with that as well. Once you’ve read enough Christie you can usually start to figure it out.

The Big Four- This is a Poirot and Hastings one- and another spy thriller.  It felt very disjointed to me because it was originally written in serialized form before being published as a novel. Not a favorite.

  • Did I guess the killer? This isn’t a simple whodunnit, since there are four baddies. But I did guess one!
  • My Rating: 6/10

The Mystery of the Blue Train-Poirot. A woman is murdered on a train and her jewels stolen. This is Christie’s least favorite of her own works. I did enjoy it and I liked the heroine quite a bit, but it’s not a favorite either. Murder on the Orient Express is a far superior train mystery.

  • Did I guess the killer? Yeah, I thought it was quite obvious, actually.
  • My Rating: 7/10

The Seven Dials Mystery-  This is a companion to The Secret of Chimneys. One of the supporting characters from that one, Bundle Brent, is the heroine. To be honest I felt a bit cheated because Bundle really wasn’t as smart as she thought she was. Superintendent Battle solved the crime. But she tried.

  • Did I guess the killer? Yes, eventually. I was fooled until rather late in the game but I caught on before it was too late.
  • My Rating: 7/10

Partners in Crime- A series of Tommy and Tuppence short stories. They work in a detective agency and each story spoofs a popular literary detective of the time (T&T try to use their methods). Unfortunately, most of those characters have faded into obscurity by now but there’s still the timeless Sherlock Holmes and Poirot included! I still loved this book! Even though Tommy and Tuppence are a bit lighter fare than, say, a Poirot novel, there are still some very serious cases mixed in with the comedy.

  • Did I guess? I don’t think I guessed any of them, sadly.
  • My Rating: 9/10

Murder at the Vicarage- The first Miss Marple novel. God, I just love Miss Marple. This is another epitome of a “cozy mystery.” I loved the small village setting, the characters, the vicar’s narration…such a strong book.

  • Did I guess? Yes, I actually picked up on the same clue that made Miss Marple first suspect! So proud of that…
  • My Rating: 10/10

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