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Blog Status: On Hold

12 Sep

Hi, everyone. I know it’s been forever since my last review and I’m sorry! Unfortunately, I will probably not get a chance to post a review for a while yet. I have been extremely busy in the past month and things have just gotten even crazier. I was ill a few weeks ago, thought I was better, and had a relapse. I’m almost finished with my second dose of meds, so I’m hoping I’m okay this time! On top of that I went back to school full time in addition to keeping up my work schedule….all while “recuperating.” So…I don’t plan to give up this blog (or my youtube channel, if anyone watches it), but I just really don’t have time to watch and read things for fun anymore, let alone write about them! I wish I had just one more month of summer right now. I have no ETA for when my next review will be up, but eventually!