I’m Alive! Some Agatha Christie reviews…

26 Nov

Yes, I’m still here. I really miss updating this blog. The past couple weeks I’ve actually managed to read some books again! I actually reached my goal of 111 books this year already. I think I’m going to hold off on reading any new books until the new year so I can catch up on stuff for this year….maybe! Well, here’s an update. Sorry if you’re sick of Agatha Christie…but I’m not, so here’s what I thought of the books I read in the last few months.

The Moving Finger- Someone is sending nasty anonymous letters in a little village. One of the letters supposedly drives a woman to suicide. This is a Miss Marple novel but she’s not in it a whole lot. The narrator, a newcomer to the village, tries to do some sleuthing on his own, but obviously doesn’t quite get it. This is another favorite of mine. I always seem to love the Miss Marple novels. I just seem to really like the casts of characters in the small village settings. I don’t think I solved it, but I don’t remember! My Rating: 10/10

Towards Zero- A Superintendent Battle novel. An old woman is murdered and her nephew is the obvious suspect but everything is not as it seems. I liked the idea behind this story but there were some little side-plots that I felt were thrown in and didn’t really fit. I solved this one. Too easy. My Rating: 7/10

Death Comes as the End- Really different from all Christie’s other novels- this one’s set in ancient Egypt. Really interesting concept and well-done, in my opinion. I do prefer her contemporary novels but this was neat for a change. A man brings a new young concubine home and she ends up dead. Then other family members stop dying. Is it her ghost seeking revenge? I don’t think I guessed this one either until very close to the end when it was almost too late! My Rating- 8/10

Sparkling Cyanide- A reworking of her short story, “Yellow Iris.” A woman is poisoned at a dinner party and her husband seeks to recreate the events a year later. This one has a totally different conclusion and features Colonel Race instead of Poirot. I preferred “Yellow Iris” to this, actually. I liked the new twist but Colonel Race really failed as a detective and that was a big let-down for me. I didn’t solve it either. I got so good at guessing after a while but I guess that couldn’t last! My Rating- 7/10

The Hollow- Country house party….Poirot stops by to visit just as a man falls over dead from a gunshot wound. Is it his wife, standing over the body with a gun? This was another good one because of how you got to see in the characters’ heads. No one’s actions seemed to make sense until you find out the solution, which…I did guess! My Rating- 9/10

The Labors of Hercules- Poirot’s friend tries to tell him that he should spend his time reading the classics instead of solving mysteries. True to his name, he somehow stumbles upon mysteries that recreate the labors of Hercules. This was a series of short stories that varied in terms of quality. Some were pretty good, others were kinda boring. My Rating- 7/10

Taken at the Flood- A family patriarch dies in the Blitz but his new young wife miraculously survives….before he has written a new will. She is left with everything and his family is struggling because they had been dependent on him. Then some people die, but not necessarily who and why you would think. Really confusing book! I was completely wrong on everything. I also found one part of the ending really disturbing.Ā  My Rating- 8/10

Sadly my ability to review these books went down since I waited so long!

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  1. booktopiareviews November 26, 2011 at 12:49 PM #

    Agatha rocks. šŸ™‚

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    I figured out how to spend my hols šŸ™‚

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