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7 Jun

I have been inactive on this blog for a long time, I know. I have not updated my Youtube account in about the same time because, back in fall….my computer died. If anyone remembers, back when I started this blog, I had a lot of computer issues. Since I use my computer to watch DVDs and take screencaps, that was a problem. I got a new computer and everything was fine and dandy…until it got messed up (after the warranty expired). So now I only have my old crappy laptop. I used my webcam for my vlog (I have a digital camera, but its sound quality is bad) so I haven’t been able to record any videos. After that time, until recently, I was working 60+ hours a week anyway, so I had no time. Now I do have some time, but it hasn’t been financially in the cards for me to replace my computer. I could technically use this one just to type reviews with no pictures, but it’s difficult to type on. I could borrow someone’s computer, but I don’t want to use someone else’s for so long. I was hoping I would have a new laptop soon, but things just haven’t been working out.

Did anyone even miss me anyway?