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7 Jun

I have been inactive on this blog for a long time, I know. I have not updated my Youtube account in about the same time because, back in fall….my computer died. If anyone remembers, back when I started this blog, I had a lot of computer issues. Since I use my computer to watch DVDs and take screencaps, that was a problem. I got a new computer and everything was fine and dandy…until it got messed up (after the warranty expired). So now I only have my old crappy laptop. I used my webcam for my vlog (I have a digital camera, but its sound quality is bad) so I haven’t been able to record any videos. After that time, until recently, I was working 60+ hours a week anyway, so I had no time. Now I do have some time, but it hasn’t been financially in the cards for me to replace my computer. I could technically use this one just to type reviews with no pictures, but it’s difficult to type on. I could borrow someone’s computer, but I don’t want to use someone else’s for so long. I was hoping I would have a new laptop soon, but things just haven’t been working out.

Did anyone even miss me anyway?


Jane Eyre 2006 Delay

28 Aug

I would have posted the review of Jane Eyre 2006 either today or tomorrow, but something was bothering me after watching my DVD. It turns out is a shortened version that was played on PBS’s Masterpiece. I had seen the original UK version which was 4 hour long episodes before, so something seemed off as I watched my DVD, which was two, two hour long episodes. I have actually watched my DVD once before, but I guess I wasn’t paying as close attention. This time I noticed certain scenes I had remembered from the UK version being gone! So, I have ordered a version that includes the full miniseries the way it was meant to be seen originally.  It should hopefully be no more than a few days.

Returning to Blogging!

9 Aug

I’ve been absent from this site for quite a few months but I’m finally coming back. I was in the middle of reviewing Jane Eyre adaptations when I lost my Jane Eyre 1970 DVD. I have the case, but the DVD is MIA. I have finally given up looking for it and managed to find other means to watch it. Was it worth the wait? Well, not exactly….but the review of that version should be up either late tonight or some time tomorrow.

Blog Status: On Hold

12 Sep

Hi, everyone. I know it’s been forever since my last review and I’m sorry! Unfortunately, I will probably not get a chance to post a review for a while yet. I have been extremely busy in the past month and things have just gotten even crazier. I was ill a few weeks ago, thought I was better, and had a relapse. I’m almost finished with my second dose of meds, so I’m hoping I’m okay this time! On top of that I went back to school full time in addition to keeping up my work schedule….all while “recuperating.” So…I don’t plan to give up this blog (or my youtube channel, if anyone watches it), but I just really don’t have time to watch and read things for fun anymore, let alone write about them! I wish I had just one more month of summer right now. I have no ETA for when my next review will be up, but eventually!


8 Nov

I’ve decided to expand this blog to feature different genres of books and film. I am still a huge fan of classic novels and period films, but I think it would be more interesting if I reviewed other works that I’ve been watching or reading as well. After all, I don’t want there to be any more huge hiatuses because I’m not reading or watching anything period at the time again!

Also expect my review of Mansfield Park 1999 very soon! I was going to just post a text review without watching and capping the movie again, but I decided it was more fun with pictures so I’ll go all out like I did with the other Jane Austen adaptations.

Still here!

10 Oct

I haven’t posted a review in months. Terrible, I know. It all started because I was putting off watching the Patricia Rozema version of Mansfield Park. Yes, it’s just that awful. Every day I kept telling myself I would watch it tomorrow and I just never got around to it. I promise I will get back to this and finish my Jane Austen reviews in the near future. Hopefully ASAP. I’m sorry everyone!!

My Gaskell Ratings

20 May

Here’s another author!

Mary Barton- I found Mary to be an idiot and I think the idea was done better in North and South. 7/10


Book- Funny and heartbreaking. Characters die left and right. Really a series of vignettes. 7/10

2007– Well done how they combined the novel and some short stories to flesh it out. Contains many surprises as to the characters’ fates, many of which were changed from the book! 9/10

2009- The sequel. Much of the cast did not return. Borrowed from more short stories- running out of ideas? Not as good as first. 8/10

Ruth– Deeply moving story which surprisingly contains only one death. 9/10

North and South

Book- Contains shades of P&P. Good story but heroine can be annoying. 8/10

2004- Good but overrated! Did not like DDA as Margaret and HATED the beating scene in the beginning. 8/10

Sylvia’s Lovers- Well, it was different. Totally unlikable characters, miserable plot…6/10

Wives and Daughters

Book- Truly an everyday story! All the characters, their personalities and emotions, felt so real and current, despite the book’s age! Molly Gibson is adorable. 9/10

1999= You can tell Andrew Davies really respected this work as it was not really sexed up! 9/10